BodyStat Quadscan 4000

What does it do?

The Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser device offers a quick, easy, economical, portable and ­non-invasive method of fluid assessment and Body Composition analysis.

How does it work?

The principle of measuring the flow of current through the body ­(impedance) is dependent on the ­frequency ­applied. At low ­frequencies, the current cannot bridge the cellular membrane and will pass ­predominantly through the extracellular space.

At higher frequencies penetration of the cell ­membrane occurs and the current is conducted by both the ­Extracellular Water (ECW) and ­Intracellular Water (ICW).

By using Multi Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology to measure the impedance at 5 kHz and 200 kHz and by applying predictive equations, it is possible to estimate both Extracellular Water and Total Body Water (TBW) respectively and by deduction, Intracellular Water. Extracellular Water can be related to Extracellular Mass and Intracellular Water to Body Cell Mass.


  • • Whole body analysis
  • • Segemental measurements
  • • Body fat composition
  • • Early detection of oedema
  • • Total cellular health
  • • Evaluation of change of oedema

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