FarrowWraps are patented short-stretch compression garments. The garments are designed to be used in conjunction with a liner. FarrowWraps are made with multiple overlapping short-stretch bands interconnected by a spine and engineered so that they are easy to apply. The bands interconnect using Velcro.

Short-Stretch Technology...

More reliable and predictable compression levels

Allows creation of products with different compression levels at end-stretch

Provides superior augmentation of the body’s natural muscle pump action

Minimizes swelling throughout the day once garment is donned

Provides higher compression when the patient stands or is active, and less when they are not

Maximizes calf-muscle function

2 Fabric Types...



Lower Limb




Upper Limb



Frequently Asked Questions...

  Who is FarrowWrap Suitable For?

•  Stubborn oedema
•  Distorted limb shapes
•  Post-bandaging rebound oedema
•  An intolerance to bandaging
•  An intolerance to hosiery
•  Weak hand strength
•  Back problems
•  Fluctuating Swelling

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